Along with a wide variety of security related services, T.S.T. Enterprises, Inc. is equally well known for our security training programs and safety training.

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Security Guard Defensive Tactics
  Law Enforcement Defensive Tactics
  Personal Safety/Self Defense
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T.S.T. Enterprises, Inc. is located in the Hudson Valley region of New York State, but we regularly provide our safety training courses throughout New York State. For details regarding scheduling, prices, class sizes, travel, and more, please view the appropriate course registration form located on our Forms page. We also offer Self Defense Classes as part of the Arlington School District Continuing Education Program.

Security Guard Training
We are industry leaders in the training and certification of Security Guards in New York State offering:

  • NYS 8 Hour Pre-Assignment Security Guard Program
  • NYS 16 Hour Security Guard (On-The-Job Training) Program
  • NYS 8 Hour Annual In-Service Security Guard Program

Defensive Tactics
T.S.T. Enterprises, Inc offers unique training in defensive tactics for two different audiences, and we involve our students in the practical application of all techniques.

  • 8 Hour Security Guard Defensive Tactics Program
  • 8 Hour Law Enforcement Defensive Tactics Program
    • Available only to law enforcement agencies, Peace Officers, Military Police, Correctional Officers
    • Law enforcement identification is required

Personal Safety/Self Defense
I personally teach this class intended to enhance your abilities to defend yourself against physical abuse and sexual assault. This 6 hour program is part of the Arlington School District Continuing Education Program. It is structured to build self esteem and confidence by practicing both verbal and physical techniques. I want to give you the edge and help you be safe, secure, and better prepared.

Security and Safety Training
This is perhaps one of the most valuable services we can offer to virtually any residence, business, or facility. Are they all safe and secure? Is the safety of your family or employees at risk? Are your sensitive materials and personal items secure? Are you, your family, and your employees prepared for any threat level or emergency?

We will review every aspect of your home, office, or facility and assess them for safety and security. We assist you in evaluating access control, lighting, physical layout, current policies and procedures, and more. We make recommendations to improve safety and security and enhance crime prevention for your location. Our action plans will be detailed, tangible, and will include policies and procedures you will actually want to implement. Together we can create a safer and more secure environment for your home, office, or facility, and assist your family and employees in becoming better prepared.